Anti-frost candles is very benefit for fruit cultivation in spring antifrost protection

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Anti-frost candles is very benefit for fruit cultivation in spring antifrost protection. The antifrost candle acts as a vine heater heating the air in crops, while stopping temperatures from dropping. For frost control in your vineyards, and your orchards, frost candle offers a great protection. Average autonomy, may be lower depending on weather conditions, wind, air pressure and the position of the spark plug (combustion will be quicker if the spark plug is slightly Inclined or if it's on a sloped surface). Very convenient to use! Simply place the candles between plants or trees, then light the wicks for an almost immediate result. When temperatures go up again simply close the cans to turn them off until the next cold spell.

against frost candles

Due to the progressive climatic changes, the probability of milder winters and an earlier blossoming period increases. Therefore, higher damages by late spring frosts are to be expected for orchards and vineyards. During the last years, the economic losses due to spring rosts in the agricultural sector have reached vast proportions throughout Europe. The use of fire as a protection against spring frosts in orchards and vineyards has been known for a long time. So, make sure to be prepared with our against frost candles. In contrast to other frost-fi ghting methods, the anti-frost candles warm up the air and are thus an ideal protection against radiation frosts or advection frosts. Outdoor vineyard frost-proof candle anti-frost candle is environment friendly, insoluble in water, biodegradable product, very fast ignition, extinction at will, clean handing and very easy to use, stackable metal bucket with handle and lid.

vineyards anti-frost candles

TaBo develops and manufactures anti-frost candles for protection of orchards and vineyards against frosting. While burning the candles increase the temperature of the air by heating and a protective blanket of smoke that prevents heat loss. Our candles raise the air temperature up to 7 degrees depending on the quantity of used candles and weather conditions. To achieve effective protection, we recommend 200 to 500 antifrost candlles per hectare according to weather conditions.


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