How many methods do you know about anti freeze for orchard?

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Orchard management is a highly technical agriculture. In order to achieve a bumper harvest, only the technical level is far from enough, and we must have good insights. We can discover the problems of fruit trees in various stages in a timely manner, and give solutions in time to ensure that fruit trees are not delayed growing. At present, most parts of the world are severely reduced due to climatic reasons. According to relevant statistics, the production of fruit trees is also affected by the climate, which leads to the reduction of production in many areas. Therefore, in order to solve these problems, we must master the excellent planting techniques and add a guarantee for the income generation of the orchard.

Spring is coming, you have to do antifreeze measures for your orchard. There are many methods here including physical methods and chemical methods.

Physical methods include:

1. Cover the straw, hay or leaves between the rows of fruit trees or the entire orchard.

2. Cover the mulch around the fruit trees to increase surface temperature.

3. The soil around the fruit trees is about 25cm thick.

4. After the heavy snow, use the snow under the tree to keep warm.

5. Wrap the fruit tree trunk with a straw rope, or you can use a waste newspaper or waste paper to wrap 2-3 layers on the fruit tree.

6. Put the bag on the fruit tree.

Chemical methods include:

1. Applying the base fertilizer to the orchard is one of the key measures for the fruit tree landlord.

2. Spray the fruit trees to prevent both freezing and treating pests.

3. Before the occurrence of freezing damage, artificial spraying of a protective agent with a certain function can improve the anti-freezing ability of the fruit trees.

4. Sprinkle a certain amount of grass ash and mix it with the topsoil to stabilize and increase the surface temperature.

The most common method is to ignite the antifreeze candles. There are many orchard managers in the world who have taken this measure. Because against frost candles is economical and have a long burning time. If we must recommend an antifreeze candle sales store, we recommend the TaBo Candle Factory. The TaBo Candle Factory has many years of experience in the manufacture of antifreeze candles. Professional anti-freeze candle manufacturing technology makes TaBo very popular.

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