Antifreeze Technology of Fruit Trees

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1. Stop thinning flowers and delay fruit setting: Stop thinning flowers immediately in apple orchards in case of disasters, so as not to cause insufficient fruit setting. After the young fruit is set, one-time fruit setting will be carried out according to the number of fruit set.

2. Irrigation and fertilization in orchards: In orchards where conditions permit, all kinds of irrigation methods should be adopted to alleviate the adverse effects of freezing injury on trees, improve physiological functions, enhance resistance and resilience; spraying urea (0.3%-0.5%), borax (0.2%-0.3%) or other foliar fertilizers (such as calcium, magnesium and potassium fertilizers, etc.) Spraying foliar and flower, promoting flower organ development and functional recovery, promoting pollination, fertilization, flowering and fruit setting.

3. Strengthen artificial assisted pollination: artificial points, equipment dusting, pollen suspension spray and other methods, strict artificial assisted pollination. The pollination time was repeated twice when the remaining effective flowers were 50%-80% open after freezing. In orchards where conditions permit, wallflower bees and honeybees can be released in the field to enhance pollination during flowering.

4. Making full use of the fruits of flower buds, late flowers and axillary flowers, and carrying out fine fruit-setting: For orchards with severe freezing injury and insufficient effective flower amount, the Fruit-setting of flower buds should be made full use of flower buds, late flowers, weak flowers and axillary flowers; after the young fruit is set, the fruit-setting quantity and Fruit-setting distribution should be determined according to the fruit-setting quantity and Fruit-setting distribution. In the orchard, 2-3 fruits per effective inflorescence can be retained to compensate for the loss of yield.

5. Strengthen the prevention and control of diseases and insect pests: Emphasis should be placed on the prevention and control of scarabs, aphids, flower rot, mildew heart disease, black spot disease, rot disease and early defoliation.

6. Wholesale against frost candles: Before the cold weather comes, put a certain amount of against frost candles around the fruit trees. They can burn for more than 8 hours at night. So you don't have to worry about accidental frostbite on fruit trees.

against frost candles


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