Fruit tree freeze damage prevention measures

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The first is to strengthen the management of orchards. In the early spring, the canopy is white, which can delay sprouting and flowering to avoid frost. If the orchard is seriously damaged, it is necessary to make full use of the late flowering and increase the fruit yield. Appropriate late fruit thinning, more fruit retention, good bagging, improve fruit yield and grade. After the frozen flowers, fruits, branches and leaves are restored to stability, pruning is carried out in time, and the branches and leaves and the young fruits that are severely incapable of self-healing are removed, and the densely-branched branches and long branches that affect the light are removed to adjust the amount of branches and promote flower bud formation. And fruit development.

The second is to take bee pollination and artificial pollination. Pollination can promote the development of some vegetative tissues in the ovary, thereby enhancing the resistance of the flower. According to the test, there is a bee area that can reduce the freezing rate by more than 40% than the non-bee area. Artificial pollination has the same effect.

The third is fumigation. Use crop straw, deciduous or wild grass as fuel, the inner layer is dry firewood, the middle layer is moist weed grass, and the outer layer is covered with layer of thin soil, the pile height is l.5 meters, and the bottom diameter is l.5-2 meters. 3 to 4 piles per acre, ignited at around 2 am (before frost) and when the temperature dropped to 2 degrees Celsius. The heat capacity of the water is large, and it has a regulating effect on the temperature change. The timely irrigation before the frost can effectively prevent or mitigate the frost damage. In addition, the next frost to spray water on the tree is also beneficial to alleviate the frost.

The fourth is to prepare against frost candles. Lighting the against frost candles on a cold night will give you a sweet dream at night. The against frost candles we produce can burn more than 8 hours per barrel. As a professional against spring frost candles supplier, we have sold our against spring frost candles all over the world. If you are preparing for your orchard antifreeze, please order our against spring frost candles in time.

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