How does the orchard prevent cold spring?

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Now at the end of March, the temperature changes are relatively large, and at this time the fruit trees are in the flowering period. After the fruit trees are subjected to the freezing damage, the impact is very serious, but the yield is reduced, but the harvest is not. Therefore, the orchard has to pay attention to the prevention work of the cold spring.

Lowering the temperature to avoid the cold spring: This is more suitable for the orchard that has not yet entered the flowering period. The fruit trees have not yet blossomed, but from the weather forecast, there will be a cold spring in the next three or five days. At this time, the orchard can use watering to reduce the temperature of the orchard. Let the flowering period of the fruit tree be delayed for a few days, so that the flowering period and the cold spring can be staggered, thereby reducing the loss of the orchard.

Smoke: This is a relatively common measure. It has been recorded in the "Qi Min Yao Shu". The method is relatively simple, and it is carried out on the day when the cold current comes. In the orchard, the straw and the leaves can be burned and then burned. It is necessary to have less fire and more smoke, so that it will have an effect.

Tree cover: cover the straw, straw, dead leaves, etc. in the tree tray, the thickness is about 15 cm, then pour the water, and cover the cover with a thin layer of soil. This can achieve the role of warming and protecting.

Whitening of the tree: The whitening of the tree mainly uses white lime to coat the trunk, main branches and other parts. The whitening raw material is prepared by mixing water, quicklime, stone sulphur, and salt in a ratio of 20 to 6 to 1 to 1, and adding a little edible oil. Such a method can also achieve the effect of delaying the phenological period of the fruit tree, and has the effect of insecticidal sterilization.

Spraying antifreeze: The time for spraying antifreeze is generally carried out after the fruit tree has sprouted and before the flowering. Good anti-freezing agent can improve the anti-freezing effect of fruit trees, and some can also play a certain fertilizer effect.

In addition to these emergency measures, we should also pay attention to enhancing the stress resistance of fruit trees and strengthening the field management of orchards. Set against frost candles in the orchard, and ignite the against frost candles on cold nights to reduce the damage of cold air to the orchard. Pay attention to the weather changes in the spring and raise the awareness of the cold spring.

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