It is very important to anti-freezie for vineyards

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Freezing damage will have a serious impact on apple growing areas, and some orchards will reduce production by more than 90%. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in anti-freezing measures in the vineyards!

Measure 1: Watering before freezing

Before the soil is frozen, pour the antifreeze water once and pour it through; after freezing, it is not suitable to refill the water to avoid freezing damage.

Measure 2: buried in the cold

Before the soil is frozen, the young trees with poor cold resistance should be trimmed, dropped, trenched, and buried. The depth, width and length of the ditch are determined by the size of the tree. Generally, the depth and width are 30-50cm, and the thickness of the surface layer is 15-20cm.

Measure 3: Trunk binding and antifreeze

Before entering the winter, the trunk or main branch is wrapped with straw rope, which can prevent the cold wind from invading and reduce the loss of water in the trunk.

Measure 4: Smoke smoke warming

Smoke should be carried out in the cold winter night. The fuel is ignited at around 12 o'clock at night with sawdust and firewood. It is necessary to control the fire. It is better to use dark smoke and smoke. It is not possible to use an open flame to prevent fire.

Measure 5: Trunk painted white

Beginning in the middle and late October, combined with the Qingyuan, a layer of white protective agent is generally applied to the trunk and main branches of the fruit trees.

Measure 5: Recommended Pharmacy

Some drugs can effectively kill eggs, and can enhance the resistance to freezing damage, and protect the fruit trees safely over the winter.

Measure 6: China Vineyards Antifrost Candles

The China vineyards antifrost candles produced by TaBo can effectively help the vineyards resist the frost. They can add temperature to the vineyards at night and will not go out all night. It has greatly reduced the unnecessary worry of the fruit growers. This is why the vineyards antifrost candles are becoming more and more popular.

TaBo is a factory specializing in the production of anti-freeze candles for orchards or vineyards in China. We provide adequate and high quality anti-freeze candles for orchards or vineyards. Our candles are gradually being sold to the cold places of the world.

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