Various measures to prevent frost and cold for fruit trees

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The arrival of cold air will make the temperature drop sharply, and citrus trees are vulnerable to freezing damage. Frost-damaged plants, light flower buds frostbite, serious defoliation, severe branches will appear dry cortex frost cracking, but also lead to cracking fruit, rotten fruit, fruit or peel frost injury browning, withered water, Frost-Damaged fruit trees are also prone to disease, seriously affecting tree vigor, and even the phenomenon of freezing death of the whole plant. Therefore, we should not only choose suitable ecological areas for planting, but also take anti-freezing measures according to the climate, so as to be prepared and safe.

Choice of Garden Construction

It's better to plant citrus in the leeward sunny area. If the plot conditions are not good, windbreak forests can be set around the orange orchard. If bamboo is planted around the orchard, the wind speed can be reduced to achieve the effect of cold prevention. Orange orchard production process can also be used as citrus pole, fruit basket preparation, etc., can be local materials, cost savings.

Irrigation or drainage

Irrigation of citrus trees in the first five days of cold air can increase soil specific heat capacity and air humidity in orchards. Storage with water can increase soil temperature by about 1 C, reduce temperature difference, and keep the ground temperature relatively stable during the freezing period, thus alleviating frost damage. Irrigation should be carried out at noon and infiltration in the evening.

Improving soil or covering

When the temperature drops, the temperature of Citrus rhizome is the lowest, especially young trees. Soil cultivation can increase ground temperature by adding heat-prone substances such as rice bran to the soil. It has a certain effect on preventing the freezing of roots and trunk base, but it has no obvious effect on preventing the freezing injury of shoots and leaves.

Application of adequate winter fertilizer

Young trees should apply enough winter fertilizer before mid-November. Bacterial fertilizer and organic fertilizer are not only conducive to raising ground temperature and protecting roots from freezing injury, but also conducive to sprouting of spring buds and timely supply of nutrition to trees to alleviate freezing injury.

Spraying anti-freezing and anti-freezing agents on leaf surface

Spraying C-protein, amino-calcium, amino-zinc and other nutrients on Citrus canopy can quickly supplement plant nutrition and form a layer of molecular film on the leaf surface, thus reducing the evaporation of leaf water. It can increase the cold resistance of leaves and alleviate the freezing injury of citrus.

Lighting against frost candles

This is one of the most effective anti-freezing methods. At present, more and more orchard managers adopt the method of cold resistance and freeze prevention in winter. This method can be said to be very popular. If you are still worrying about your orchard's antifreeze, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately to order against frost candles for next year. Owing to the large quantity of against frost candles ordered in orchards, it needs to be customized several months in advance. We will arrange production and deliver the against frost candles as scheduled.

against frost candles


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