Six technical measures for plants antifreeze in spring

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In spring, the fruit trees are in the bud, flowering, and young fruit, and the sudden drop in temperature will cause serious damage to the fruit trees. The low temperature encountered during the germination of fruit trees can cause the flower buds to become black and lose vitality. Frostbite during flowering will cause frostbite on the stigma and affect pollination. During the young fruit period, it suffers from severe cold damage, which may cause the fruit to develop poorly, causing deformed fruit, stiff fruit, and serious fruit loss.

Recently, several places have encountered low-temperature freezing damage, how to keep the fruit trees warm, has become the top priority in the fruit farmers.

1. Fumigation treatment

This is the most common method used by fruit farmers to prevent cold springs. Before the cold spring comes, light the branches, sawdust, and wheat bran in the orchard. Try to choose a little damp, so that the effect of smoking is better. In the orchard, place the fire point in the shape of the character. The open fire should not be too big. It should be based on smoke. Try to find wet branches and hay. You can also scatter some dirt on it to prevent burning too fast. .

2. Watering to lower the ground temperature

Water the fruit trees in advance before the arrival of the cold spring, reduce the ground temperature by watering, and delay the flowering and flowering time of the fruit trees. Fruit trees usually sprout and flower before and after the Ching Ming Festival. Water can be poured about ten days in advance. Lowering the ground temperature delays the germination and flowering of the fruit trees, and may avoid the cold spring.

3. The tree cover

The tree plate is covered with straw, straw, dead leaves, etc., and the thickness is about 15 cm, then water is poured, and a thin layer of soil is placed on the cover. This can achieve the role of warming and protecting.

4. The tree is painted white

The whitening of the tree is mainly by using lime, etc. to coat the trunk, main branches and the like. The whitening raw material is prepared by mixing water, quicklime, stone sulphur, and salt in a ratio of 20 to 6 to 1 to 1, and adding a little edible oil. Such a method can also achieve the effect of delaying the phenological period of the fruit tree, and has the effect of insecticidal sterilization.

5. Dry branches

Drying branches after the spring is also a way to prevent freezing damage. The dry branches are sprayed once before the fruit trees have not flowered long leaves. The pesticides are equipped with antifreeze, pesticides and so on. Before the cold spring comes, give the fruit trees a round of dry branches, and it can effectively resist the freezing damage.

6. Ignite against frost candles

A certain amount of against frost candle is ignited around the fruit trees to protect the fruit trees from the cold throughout the night. Our orchard against frost candles can burn for more than 8 hours. For specific usage rules, please contact us at

orchard against frost candles


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