Which method works best for fruit tree antifreeze?

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Fruit trees have high economic value, but they are also relatively expensive, and their management requirements are high. However, the freezing damage often shortens the production or even the harvest in just a few days, and even more freeze-killing seedlings, and hard work for several years is all in vain. Freezing damage generally occurs in winter and spring, and most people prevent it by spraying fast-acting forest antifreeze in advance. In fact, fruit tree antifreeze methods are still a lot.

First of all, the most commonly used antifreeze, fast-acting forest fruit antifreeze can reduce the freezing point of cells and improve the anti-freezing ability, especially before use in winter can enhance the lignification and ensure winter health. There are also miraculous effects in preventing cold weather.

The second is to apply the whitening agent, the happy forest whitening agent can not only play an aesthetic effect, but also kill the eggs to prevent pests from infecting. In winter, the pores can be sealed to prevent water dispersion, delay flowering, and further enhance the light reflection ability and reduce the temperature difference to enhance cold resistance.

Commonly used is the physical method. Prepare China vineyards antifrost candles before entering the winter, and ignite China vineyards antifrost candles when the cold weather arrives. Commonly used is the fumigation method, which ignites the haystacks in the upper vents, extracts thick smoke, and diffuses the orchard, which is commonly used in the prevention of freezing cold.

The physical method can keep warm and antifreeze, and can be used together with the anti-freezing agent of the quick-lived forest. The double anti-freezing ensures that the fruit trees can survive the cold wave and grow healthily.

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