Winter frost control measures for passion fruit orchards

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With the arrival of the winter season, the planting of cold-proof tides of fruit trees will also be urgent, especially the cultivation and management of passion fruit orchards. So what are the management measures for the winter cold wave passion fruit orchard?

1. Harvest in advance

If the winter cold wave is severe, the fruit can be harvested in advance, which can reduce the fruit drop caused by the sudden drop in temperature. However, if the fruit of the passion fruit does not change color, it is not recommended to pick it in advance.

2. The passion fruit orchard seedlings wrapped in cold materials, roof cover film

For the passion fruit orchard that intends to stay in the winter for the seedlings, you can whiten the main vine of the passion fruit, or wrap it with a cold-proof material such as a straw. The fruit bowl of the passion fruit tree is sown with ash or farmyard fertilizer, and the conditional orchard can be covered with film on the roof to prevent freezing and keeping warm.

3. The new species of passion fruit seedlings set of insulation tube antifreeze

For the passion fruit orchard of autumn and winter seedlings, a heat-insulating cylinder with a diameter of 30-50 cm can be made with a coating and a transparent glue to seal the upper part of the passion fruit plant, and the roots of the plant are fixed with 3-4 bamboo strips, and compacted with soil. Form a small greenhouse to prevent cold and freeze.

4. Refine the seedling shed to warm and cold

For the orchard that has been "small cup for big cup" and intends to cultivate the passion fruit seedlings and then go down to the ground, after changing the cup, put the seedlings in the smelting shed. When the temperature in the shed is too low, the temperature can be raised through the "small shed". The electric fan and other facilities can be used to warm and keep warm.

5. Smoked and frozen

It is also possible to freeze the orchard by smoking, but this measure is better for the smaller area of ​​the passion fruit orchard.

6. Irrigation for antifreeze

If you encounter continuous freezing rain and the temperature is lower than 10 °C, you can pump the horse water in time to have a certain effect of increasing the soil temperature. In the area of ​​the passion fruit orchard with frost damage, the frost damage can be reduced by spraying water in time.

7. Applying hot fertilizer

Applying hot fertilizer to the passion fruit orchard and applying organic fertilizer to the root can improve the cold resistance of the passion fruit plant.

In addition to the above antifreeze measures, you can also set the antifrost candles for your passion fruit orchard. If you need to order a large number of anti frost candles, please contact us with the technology. We will deliver on time and provide good after-sales protection. Our service tenet is "Long-term cooperation is the only driving force for our products."

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